House set to trash Clint Curtis' evidence

This is going to happen TODAY, so please weigh in!
Two items:

House Admin Committee Set to Dismiss Clint Curtis/Tom Feeney Election Challenge According to Curtis Campaign

Contest to be Dismissed During Tuesday Mark-up Session of Rush Holt’s Election Reform Bill

‘Insufficient Evidence’ Given as Reason, Despite Failure by Committee to Review ‘Hard Evidence’ Collected…
This came to us too late on Monday to get confirm from Capitol Hill sources, so we’re gonna run with what we have for now with that caveat.
The campaign of Clint Curtis (D), the vote-rigging/Tom Feeney whistleblower who challenged Feeney (R-Abramoff) for the U.S. House seat in Florida’s 24h Congressional district last November, has told The BRAD BLOG that the U.S. House Administrative Committee is set to dismiss Curtis’ Congressional contest of the race — filed under the Federal Contested Elections Act — when the committee meets on Tuesday morning.
Though they’ve yet to examine the “hard evidence” the Curtis campaign says they’ve collected in the matter, the reason for the dismisal, as given to campaign manager, Marty Ward by a Capitol Hill staffer, was “insufficient evidence”. Ward says that two different offices have informed the campaign of the committee’s plan to dismiss the case tomorrow.
Ward told us tonight, however, that Congress hasn’t even seen, much less investigated, the “hard evidence” in the form of sworn affidavits from voters that the campaign’s volunteers have collected over the past several months via door-to-door canvassing in the district. The results of that canvass, the campaign says, reveal that Curtis’ votes, as tallied on Florida’s paperless touch-screen voting systems, were under-reported by anywhere from 12% to 24% per precinct so far canvassed.
The campaign’s reaction to this sudden turn of events, along with House Commitee Contact numbers and email address, which they are asking folks to use prior to Tuesday’s morning’s meeting, are posted at the link below…
From Joan Brunwasser:
The Curtis campaign has gone door-to-door and collected enough sworn affadavits
from voters to overthrow the official count of the FL-24 race last November.
The members of Congress have not even let him address them or examine the
evidence. This is simply not democracy.

This is also not a partisan issue. We must all agree that the person with the
most legal votes
wins, regardless of party. Otherwise, we are merely giving lip-service to fair

We have seen in the recent past how phoning, faxing and emailing can make a
difference. I’m hoping that you will ajudge this a worthy cause for an urgent
action alert. Today’s the day!

Feel free to cut and paste.

best wishes,
Joan Brunwasser, voting integrity editor, OpEdNews

I meant what I said about taking my title seriously.

The emails listed below are the chiefs of staff for the House Administration
Committee which is considering throwing out this challenge on extremely specious
grounds. Feel free to cut and paste them too. You can send a single email to
all of them like I did.

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