France welcomes Pres. Sarkozy

The US press has had a lot to say about Sarkozy–his “style,” his taste for certain things American, etc.–but, oddly, hardly anything about the people of his nation, a/k/a “the electorate.”
A good many of them seem not to be very happy with his victory; and there is also that wee matter of the e-voting machinery that “malfunctioned” all over eastern France.
This being a nomina democracy we line in here, there ought at least to be some nominal coverage of such things.
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2nd night of riots in FRANCE
author: amélie
In France there was a 2nd night of riots. Riots broke out all over France after right-wing candidate Sarkozy won the presidential elections. Yesterday night barricades were built in Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Tolouse, about 800 cars burned in the cities (some as barricades), 74 police men were severly hurt, 564 protesters are detained.
background information and pics of the 1st night of riots:

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Vive Segolene 08.May.2007 08:54

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We were warned that Sark would throw the elections using ES&S vote fraud machines, and other traditional neocon techniques. I think we should have responded in 2000 and 2004 the way the French are now–maybe democracy would be encouraged to take hold in the US.

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Yep, that’s par for the course for Portland, OR. So many bong-gurgling anarchist punks in this city. I’m not surprised they endorsed the sore losers rioting in France. No, they didn’t riot in Portland after the 2004 election, but one of them called up a conservative talk show host and threatened to rape and kill his wife. Gee, what a classy group…not.

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