E-voting probs in SCOTLAND

And–guess what?–they’ve benefited the right-wing party.
“The Scottish vote was marred by hitches. Voters complained that tens of thousands of votes had been rejected because people were confused by complex ballot papers. Counting in some major constituencies was delayed by computer scanning glitches. “
See below —

Scottish nationalists defeat Labour

04/05/2007 17:39
By Katherine Baldwin

EDINBURGH (Reuters) – Scottish nationalists committed to independence from Britain became the largest party in the Scottish parliament on Friday in a severe blow to the Labour Party.

The SNP’s win in Thursday’s election ended 50 years of Labour dominance in Scotland, although it will need to ally with other parties to form a governing coalition in Scotland.

SNP leader Alex Salmond, who has pledged a referendum in three years on Scottish independence from Britain, declared himself the winner. “This is an historic moment,” he said.

Blair is expected to announce next week he is stepping down as prime minister and the SNP victory bequeaths a thorny problem for his successor, almost certain to be Chancellor Gordon Brown, a 56-year-old Scot.

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