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The Holt Bill’s supporters won’t debate about it publicly. Why not?
Because the bill is indefensible, as this important piece makes very clear.
Please read and circulate this sharp analysis–or, if you support the bill,
and find fault with the facts or logic here, please try to persuade someone
in your camp to stand up and make the pro-Holt case in public.

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May 28, 2007
HR 811 (The Holt Bill): Let the debate begin
By Nancy Tobi
There is a raging and often destructive debate among voting activists. The source of the discord is “The Holt Bill”, a piece of federal election reform legislation named for its primary author, Democratic Congressman Rush Holt from the great state of New Jersey. The destructive nature of the exchanges among activists has led some of us who oppose the bill to propose, in the best of our American democratic traditions, a public debate on the merits of the bill.
We who oppose believe anything that stands to so dramatically transform, and possibly violate, the nature of American democracy deserves robust public debate, based on facts and principle.
Congress has already held its so-called public hearings on the bill, but those hearings were stacked with many pro-811 witnesses, and the few opponents of the legislation were not debating what we oppositional citizens believe are the real issues that need a good, public airing:
  • The bill violates state sovereignty and cements control over the nation’s voting systems in the hands of four white house appointees.

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