Dems commit assisted suicide

Bad news on two fronts, from the same committee:
First of all, the House Administration Committee has unanimously voted to dismiss
the challenge by Clint Curtis in FL 24–as well as the related challenges of Frank
Gonzales (ostensibly defeated by incumbent Lincoln Diaz-Balart) and John Russell
(ostensibly defeated by incumbent Ginny Brown-Waite) in FL 21 and FL5, respectively.
(The House approved only the challenge by Christine Jennings in FL 13.)
They dismissed the evidence without even scrutinizing it, claiming that it wasn’t
strong enough. An odd judgment, as that evidence comprised sworn affidavits
collected door-to-door, in precinct after precinct, from citizens who’d actually
cast votes in the election. Curtis found a 12 to 24 point divergence between his
tally of such affidavits and the official numbers–which had been “counted” by
paperless Diebold machines, and which differed dramatically from what the
pre-election polls had said about the race (a dead heat, and then Curtis “lost”
by some 16 points to Repub incumbent Tom Feeney).
Second, HR 811 has now passed out of that committee and is headed to the floor
for consideration by the House. Although some changes have been scribbled into it,
the bill still permits the use of DRE machines. So HR 811 is, at best, as good as useless.
Thus the Dems have tucked themselves into their deathbeds, and will disappear into
the Great Beyond as sure as shootin’, with the Bush Republicans in the role of Jack
Kevorkian (but without the solemn face).
Why are the Dems doing it? Basically, because they cannot, will not, recognize that
it is happening. It’s too big, too scary, and they don’t want to go there–even though
the unraveling US Attorney scandal makes it ever clearer that election fraud is at the
heart, and is there very basis of, this whole regime.
So let’s just keep on screaming bloody murder about this, on the assumption that
a lot of good Americans, both left and right, care very much about Bush/Cheney’s
long crusade against American democracy, even if the Democrats refuse to face it.
House Admin Committee Unanimously Votes to Dismiss 4 of 5 Federally Contested 2006 House Elections
Hundreds of Sworn Voter Affidavits Collected by Curtis Campaign, Suggesting Inaccurate Counts on Electronic Voting Machines in FL-24 Race Against Feeney, Disregarded as ‘Not Enough Evidence’…
But Without Access to the Machines or Source Code What Other Evidence Could There Be?
In addition to voting Rep. Rush Holt’s dangerous Election Reform bill out of committee today (see story linked below) the U.S. House Administration Committee on Tuesday also unanimously voted to dismiss four of the five U.S. House races from last November which had been challenged in Congress under the Federal Contested Elections Act.
Included in the four dismissals on Tuesday was the contest filed by vote-rigging whistleblower Clint Curtis (D) in his race against (alleged vote-rigger) Tom Feeney (R) in Florida’s 24th district. Late Monday night we reported that was likely occur.
Tonight, we received some comments from Capitol Hill staffers on the committee’s reasons for the dismissals…

Holt Election Reform Bill Passes Out of Committee, People for the American (PFAW) Still Misleading Public About It
Advocacy Group’s Press Release Disingenuously Continues to Forward Unsupportable Notion that Bill Would Have Prevented Sarasota’s FL-13 Election Meltdown
Legislation Still to Allow for Uncounted and Uncountable Electronic Ballots on Touch-Screen Voting Systems…
Rush Holt’s Election Reform Bill (HR811) was successfully voted out of the U.S. House Administration Committee Tuesday after a four hour mark-up session. We’ll have analysis of the bill in the coming days as we are able to review a copy of the final version which is now headed to the House floor. We have been told that electronic balloting on Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) touch-screen systems will continue to be allowed in the bill.
Apparently, a paper ballot — one that is actually counted — for every vote cast in America is of little interest to either the Democratic and Republican members of the committee.
First out of the box to trumpet today’s “triumph”, naturally, was the bill’s top supporter, the public advocacy group, People for the American Way (PFAW). They had a press release good to go before the ink even dried on the dangerous new version of the bill (which, we should add, does include both some improvements to the initial version, along with several watered down provisions as we’ve been told…but we’ll wait until we actually read it before commenting further on any of that.)
For now, however, we have little choice but to characterize the tactics used by PFAW in their press release as despicable, while they continue to knowingly mislead the American people about what the Holt bill will and won’t do. (Their press release is posted in full at the end of this article.) This group knows better, and yet, they are doing it anyway…

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  1. Yohander

    February 8, 2012 at 10:15 pm

    It has been a long time in cnimog but I think this election is the wake up call that is needed for some real inquiry into what has slipped.

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