Dem Iraq bill would privatize Iraq's oil

DENNIS KUCINICH, 5/5/07, at the West Los Angeles Democratic Club:

“You would think that by reading the reports that this bill was going to take us out of Iraq. Not a chance. What it would do, it would remove a substantial number of U.S. troops, to be sure, but an equally substantial number would stay. Why would they stay there? They would stay there to protect the contractors. They would stay there to run special missions. It doesn’t end the occupation. The base is still staying there. The occupation continues.
But there was another provision of this bill that most American citizens don’t even know about. This bill had provisions that the White House asked for, and the Democrats said to the president, okay, this is what you say you want, well we’re going to give you what you want. Here’s the provision is the provision that I argued against in the Democratic Caucus. This is the provision that says that the Iraqi government must privatize its oil.
And it’s wrapped up as part of a reconciliation program. Really. And, if they don’t do it, in this bill that the president just vetoed, if they don’t do it, we’ve said that we’ll withdraw our troops without providing for replacement peacekeepers.
I want to run it by you one more time. I want this to sink in. You really need to understand how dangerous the situation is in Washington right now. We have the Democratic Congress promoting President Bush’s bill that provides for the privatization of Iraq’s oil under the guise of a reconciliation program, that tells the Iraq government that unless they agree to privatize their oil, that we’re going to pull our troops out and not put replacement troops and peacekeepers in.
You see, this doesn’t represent what America is about. No way. This isn’t who we are.
I talked about this in the Democratic Caucus. Everyone in this room understands politics, that’s why I’m in the West L.A. Dems club. Let me bring you inside the Democratic Caucus for a moment, six weeks ago. I told my Democratic colleagues, I said, has anyone here read the bill? No one, most people were not familiar with it. I said, do you know that in this bill there’s a provision that forces Iraq to privatize its oil?
from the audience—-Are you talking about the Congresspeople who were supposed to be vote for this bill had not read it, is that what you’re saying?—
Yes, most people didn’t read the Patriot Act and they had voted for it. So, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Most members hadn’t read it. They were shocked that that was in the bill. So it created an uproar. One member, one of the leaders in Congress, said this bill is about sharing the revenue. Yea, right! It’s like 80 for me and 20 for you and you can split the 20 three ways. And so, really, I mean that really is the formula.
So, I pointed it out. And then finally one of the other leaders said, “Well, Dennis is right.” I was told that the following day on the House floor, they were going to take it out of the legislation. And you know what? Well, not only did they NOT take it out, but they passed a rule that said they COULDN’T amend the bill when it was up for debate on the floor.”

  1. Anonymous

    May 8, 2007 at 12:59 am

    Do you have a link to view the bill with the iraq oil in it?

  2. theBhc

    May 8, 2007 at 2:43 am

    You can find here in pdf form, translated from Arabic.

    The New Iraq Oil Law: Leaked

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