CO employee sold voter data to GOP

CO state worker sells voter data to GOP, Sec. of State investigating
by Todd Johnston
Fri May 04, 2007 at 04:52:04 PM EST

As reported last night, a technology manager in the Elections
Division of Colorado’s Secretary of State’s office was selling
Colorado voter data to GOP candidates.

Daniel J. Kopelman of Aurora, CO, whose duties include oversight and
maintenance of the state’s master voter registration database, was
offering “GOP campaign help” in the form of voter and “fresh”
fundraising lists at the web site of his privately-owned company
Political Live Wires.

In response to ePluribus Media’s inquiries, a spokesperson for Sec.
of State Mike Coffman stated that his office had no knowledge of
Kopelman’s “side business” and saw his actions as a “conflict of
interest.” Furthermore, upon learning of Kopelman’s activities,
Deputy Sec. of State William A. Hobbs met with the state’s voter
database manager and directed him to take down his web site.

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