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From Rich Lang:
Greetings, friends:
I just wanted to let you know about upcoming Living Faith programs. The good news is that we have funding through the year–now we need to build a listener base, generate advertisers and become useful. Soon we will start the “call-in phone line” which, I think, will add a bit more spice to the program.
Again, I ask that you spread the word about the show. For those unable to listen live each show is on the website (usually) by 5pm on Friday.

You can download, or just click a switch and listen,

Or, if you’re in Seattle, you can turn in Fridays at 2pm on KKNW, 1150am.
Over the next couple weeks we will deal with some compelling subjects
May 11th: “George Bush and the Spirit of Anti-Christ”
Guest: Dr. David Domke, author of God Willing? Political Fundamentalism in the White House. In his book, Domke and his students analyzed the use of Christian rhetoric/symbols by the Bush administration from 9/11 to Mission Accomplished. We will be discussing this and I will offer a commentary on the Spirituality of Antichrist.
May 18th: “What Happened on 9/11? The Church Under Empire”
My guest is Dr. David Ray Griffin, author of The New Pearl Harbor, The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions, Christian Faith and the Truth of 9/11, and Debunking the Debunkers.
David and I will be discussing the strange events around 9/11 including his research that has led him to believe that 9/11 was an “inside job.” Lather that evening at TOWN HALL, Griffin will give a public talk. He will also preach at Trinity UMC (6512 23rd Ave. NW on Sunday May 20th at 10:30 am. His sermon: “Confronting Demonic Powers.”
The interesting thing about Griffin is that he is a noted and respected Process Theologian who has, in the past, also researched and written extensively about the problem of evil.
May 25th: “Who would Jesus Bomb? Militarism & Christian Faith”
My guest, Rev. Weldon Nisly, is the Pastor of Seattle Mennonite Church and member of the Christian Peacemaker Team. He went to Iraq at the start of the war as a part of Christian Peacemakers. We will be discussing this war including the possibilities of Christian civil disobedience. I will offer a commentary concerning whether or not we should pray for the defeat of our nation.
June 1: “Does Lady Liberty still welcome the poor, tired, huddled, and homeless masses? The New Sanctuary Movement.”
My guest will be Michael Ramos from the Church Council of Greater Seattle and we’ll be discussing the rise of the New Sanctuary Movement as a church-based resistance against immigration policies. I will offer a commentary on Biblical hospitality toward the immigrant.
June 8: “Can the Church Be Gay? Homosexuality As Christian Sacrament.”

My guests will be Rev. Monica Corsaro and Peter Jabin. We will be discussing progressive family values of incluseness and diversity. We will also discuss the political conflicts within the universal Church over sexuality. I will offer a commentary on the sacrament of same-sex marriages.
June 15: “Can we use our money for good? Investing as a Way to Change the World.”
My guests will be Bruce Herbert and Larry Dohrs of Newground Social Investment. We will be discussing their work as advocates for justice within the world of money, particularly Corporation money. We will also discuss the personal issue of the possibility of using our “capital” for commonwealth. I will offer a commentary on the biblical Jubilee as a model for monetary justice.

So, help spread the word.

Rich lang

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