100,000 votes "spoiled" in Scotland

“As we have seen several times in recent years, the scope for fraud in a system that encourages postal voting is enormous.”
If you can’t even run an election …
By Simon Heffer
Last Updated: 6:11am BST 05/05/2007

They used to say in Northern Ireland “vote early, vote often”.
In Scotland many people are wondering whether they have actually managed to vote at all.

That perhaps 100,000 votes – a considerable number out of a small electorate and even smaller turnout – were spoiled because people could not comprehend the voting system and work out how to mark the ballot paper properly is a shocking indictment of Labour’s electoral management.

Had this happened in the third world, there would be calls for the election to be re-run: and they would be hard to dispute.

The problem in Scotland seems to have been twofold.

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