What about all those attorneys BushCo did NOT fire?

April 20, 2007
Alberto Gonzales Isn’t The Point

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales can resign or not – so what? The
PROBLEM will remain. The PROBLEM is that we have 93 US Attorneys who
have already proven – by not being fired – that they will indict
innocent Democrats and ignore Republican corruption and criminality.
THAT is the problem we have to do something about!

The Republicans learned in the 2006 election that lots of headlines
about corruption influences votes. So the plan is to start
investigating and indicting lots of Democrats – guilty or not – to
provide plenty of 2008 election-time headlines. And the plan is to
block as many investigations and indictments of corrupt Republicans
as they can. (That brings other benefits to them as well…)

So Gonzales can resign or not – don’t be distracted from thinking
about how to stop what is coming.

Watch your backs!

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