Two bad bills in Texas

Posted on Salon by McCamy Taylor:
HB 218 in Texas is being rushed through. It requires voters to have photo ID plus their voter registration card to vote. It is small time compared to HB 626, which requires voters to present documents costing anywhere from $23 (certified birth certificate) to $85 (passport) to $200 (naturalization certificate) to register to vote–which you now would have to do in person.
[HB 626 is also coming up for a House vote.]
Here is are some links.
Today’s Fort Worth Star Telegram has an excellent editoral decrying this as an illegal poll tax. Unfortunately, their site has been down for hours so I cannot link it. Be sure to check it out later.
Anyway, the reason I think this is related to Gonzo: The last time Georgia did this, Gonzo overruled the career civil rights people who said that the poll tax in Georgia violated the Voting Rights Act.
I believe that the WH is going to do the same thing again. Even though Texas must be reviewed by the DOJ, I think its poll tax will be rubber-stamped–and then this law will make its way to the SCOTUS, which, with Alito replacing O’Connor, is very likely to approve it.

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