"The Right to Count: Democracy v. Electronic Voting"


March 30, 2007

“The Right to Count: Democracy v. Electronic Voting” – A documentary by Richard Van Slyke

The Right to Count: Democracy v. Electronic Voting
a documentary by Richard Van Slyke,
reviewed by Joan Brunwasser, Voting Integrity Editor, OpEdNews March 26, 2007

The latest to come out regarding the Sarasota “lost 18,000” is pretty shocking, even for someone as jaded as I am. Apparently, ES&S sent a letter to the chief of the state’s Bureau of Voting Systems Certifications laying out the parameters by which the state should conduct the audit of ES&S’s own machines. Talk about the fox in the chicken coop! Here is the link to the article: This brings us to several questions that are essential for us – as a purportedly democratic nation – to seriously consider. Who is running this show? What are elections for? Whom do they serve?

The Right to Count examines the evolution of our elections and asks the pivotal question of whether our present system properly serves our citizens and our democracy. While you may not understand each and every term that they toss around, you’ll certainly get the underlying message that we are in deep, deep trouble. Van Slyke’s documentary is a welcome addition to the mounting evidence of major election meltdowns since electronic voting has taken over. The film is packed with information that every voter should have while formulating an opinion on election reform.

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