Starting with Don Imus…

Three pieces below:

1. Earl Ofari Hutchinson on black misogyny

2. Mary MacElveen on Coulter/Limbaugh

3. Amy Goodman on freeing the US media

Imus Got His Trash Talk Pass Yanked, Now Yank it for Blacks

Who Talk The Same

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson, New America Media

Posted on April 10, 2007, Printed on April 11, 2007

“Can U Control Yo ‘H.'” The video commercial of the high priest of gangster

rap Snoop Doggy Dogg demands on his CD “R&G: (Rhythm and Gangsta).” Then Dr.

Dre in the cut “Housewife” on his 2001 CD “Dr Dre 2001,” says, “Naw ‘h’ is

short for honey.” Next rappers Beanie Sigel says, “Watch Your ‘Bs'” on his

def Jam release, and 50 Cent commands, “‘B’ choose with me” on his 2003 top

ten track P.I.M.P.

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April 12, 2007

The Punishment of Imus: What about Coulter and Limbaugh?

By Mary MacElveen

In the wake of the firing of Don Imus, while I applaud NBC and MSNBC for at least doing the right thing, in this country, there is systemic problem when people would even think that language like that is funny. Any apology if given frequently holds little meaning and sincerity. After a while it becomes just words without feeling behind it. He is not the first and only one, and will not be the last. But, what he said on his radio simulcast pails in comparison to the many demonic rants of Ann Coulter.

Her last bout of name calling was when she called former Senator John Edwards a “faggot” at a CPAC convention and while many took it to mean a form of Gay bashing, she was invited on to numerous talk shows to explain herself. She stated that she meant it as a school-yard taunt and given her character, I just do not believe her explanation. Exactly where was the wall-to-wall coverage showing any public outrage to her statement? It was no where to be seen. No one treated her as a pariah as is being done with Imus.

After her book came out, “Godless: The Church of Liberalism”, she called four widows of 9/11 “witches” yet no one said, we will not have Ann Coulter on. If we are to pay homage to those that died on that horrific day, she should have been shunned like the Amish do within their society when someone has brought disgrace upon it.

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Take Back the Airwaves

By Amy Goodman, King Features Syndicate
Posted on April 11, 2007, Printed on April 12, 2007

As the TV pundits on the networks gab about the tens of millions of dollars raised by the top presidential candidates, what they don’t talk about is where that money is going: to their own networks.

Money is now considered the single most important factor in our electoral process. Ideas and issues take a back seat to the bottom line. This prostitution of our electoral process has one key culprit: television advertising.

Political advertising makes or breaks candidates, and it takes a huge amount of money to implement a national advertising strategy. Now more than 20 states are piling onto Feb. 5, 2008, as their primary day, including states like California and New York with large, expensive media markets. The early, deciding role of money and television advertising in determining who gets to run for president is secure.

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It would be nice if MacElveen would get as worked up by the sewage that gets spewed on Air America. I’m not holding my breath, though.

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