SDD will kill US democracy

April 24, 2007
SDD threat to health of U.S. elections
By Michael Richardson

Software Driven Devices [SDD] endanger the health of U.S. elections in a way that no previous technology has been able to threaten.

The manufacturers of SDD technology have blinded the public to the danger with an overload of jargon–DRE, Op Scans, VVPAT, etc. Efforts in the “voting integrity” movement have focused on the DRE threat with its touch-screen technology complete without any recount ability. Some argue instead that optical scanners are the way to count ballots since a recount would then be possible.

In the end however, there are only two ways to count ballots–by SDD or by hand. While the SDD vendors offer different levels of technology and complexity, all SDD options include the danger of malicious self-deleting software. No SDD has yet been built that cannot be hacked or infected with a virus.

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