PFAW won't even listen

PFAW Silence Day 3: Still Misleading, Using My Name to Support Their Agenda, Refusing to Respond to Request for Correction, Cease and Desist
AUDIO FILES: Public Service Announcements Calling on Action Against PFAW, a Ban on DREs…
People For the American Way (PFAW) has yet to either respond to my formal request, or correct their unconscionable use of my name and website to help spread their misinformation about Election Reform and the Holt Bill (HR811) on their website. While I continue to consider them “the good guys”, their deceitful behavior and lack of attention to this matter is making it harder and harder to hold on to that assessment.
Please let them hear from you: (
If you’ve haven’t yet, please see my open letter to PFAW the day before last, demanding they cease their outrageous mischaracterization of my personal position on Election Reform, as well as my condemnation of the out-and-out dishonest misinformation on the Holt Election Reform bill that they are peddling there. All of that comes on top of their incredibly irresponsible advocacy in favor of the use of dangerous DRE touch-screen voting systems.
They know what they are doing. They are doing it anyway.
While the other major public advocacy groups in league with PFAW — including MoveOn, Common Cause, VoteTrustUSA and others — are not actively advocating for the use of DREs, as PFAW is, none of them have disassociated from PFAW’s indefensible position or condemned them for their dishonest use of my name and website in support of their reckless agenda.
For those who have expressed skepticism about PFAW’s position, since they are usually considered “good guys” in these matters, here’s a quick sampling of some of their statements in support of DRE voting, as published on their website in the official PFAW’s analysis of the Holt bill [PDF] (from pages 2 & 3):

DRE technology offers better access options to voters with disabilities and voters who have minority language needs.

DRE technology is much more effective for minority language voters.

DREs afford voters with disabilities an opportunity to cast an independent secret ballot- something that optical scan paper ballots cannot fully do.

All demonstrably untrue, or misleading. Non-tabulating touch-screen ballot marking devices, which print a paper ballot, can be used for the disabled without disenfranchising voters and creating unverifiable electronic ballots. And DRE technology is not “much more effective for minority language voters,” quite the opposite is true, in fact. They have no science to back up their position. None. Zero. Zip. Nadda.
Those statements, however, are at least out in the open. In their “Democracy Campaign FAQ”, they have changed their tune, and used quite a bit of rhetorical sleight-of-hand to disguise their position dishonestly. See my open letter to them for a few of the most egregious examples.
I was asked by Cynthia Black of Action Point on KPHX 1480 (Air America/Nova M Phoenix) to record a couple of quick Public Service Announcements on these matters. They are now running on the station.
She suggested that I make them available for others to use as well. Feel free to pass these on to your favorite local radio station, or use them as you see fit. Two spots, one on PFAW, and one on the need to ban DRE/touch-screen voting systems in Rush Holt’s HR811 bill…
“Contact PFAW!” PSA Spot [MP3, :26 seconds]
“Ban DREs!” PSA Spot [MP3, :26 seconds]

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