Pets killed by imported poison?

“ABC News has learned that Menu Foods bought wheat gluten, the only ingredient changed in its plants, from China. That possibility raises questions about the safety of pet and other food products in the United States.”

Taken together with my earlier DailyKos posting about Monsanto’s GM corn annihilating bees, this item raises questions–to put it mildly–about the legendary benefits of “free trade.”


Pet Food Maker to Take Financial Responsibility for Pet Deaths From Poisoning
Investigators Trying to Determine Exactly Where the Rat Poison Came From

March 23, 2007 – – The president of pet food maker Menu Foods, which last week issued a recall of 60 million cans and pouches of pet food after a rash of animal sickness and death, said today that the company would reimburse pet owners who can trace their pets’ illnesses to the company’s products.

Earlier today, New York State veterinary health investigators announced that the pet food responsible for pet deaths around the country was contaminated with the rodent poison aminopterin.

“A pet is an important part of any family,” Paul Henderson, the president and CEO of Menu Foods, said at a Toronto press conference. “We understand what pet ownership is.”

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