Ohio sleaze moves on to San Diego

From Paul Lehto:
Hired in San Diego, Michael Vu Condones Felons Who Rigged 2004 Presidential Recount
(and San Diego’s outgoing Registrar Mikel Haas approves of Vu)
Haas say’s he’s not worried about the “voting-machine problems in Vu’s past.” Indeed not, they will increase Vu’s salary by $10,000 per year to $130,000 a year, plus a lot more sun in San Diego.
Apparently, this sitution is so serious that they FINALLY are attacking and blaming the machines “in Vu’s past.” But what about Vu’s present, when he condones and approves recount rigging felonies as ‘normal procedure’ and that his officials “did nothing wrong.”?
(and a nation begins blogging to get Vu out of American elections….) others on the way

Paul R Lehto, Juris Doctor

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