New Jim Crow laws loom in Texas

Protect Your Right to Vote

Protect Your Right to Vote
CALL TODAY – STOP Texas Republican Vote Suppression Bills

“Voting is the most fundamental right in a democracy, and we should all be working to encourage more participation in fair elections free from fraud and intimidation instead of using tax dollars to promote a partisan agenda.” Chairman Boyd Richie

On Monday, the Texas House will consider two Republican bills that are written in the same ink as Jim Crow laws like the poll tax and the literacy test. By creating new identification requirements for both registration and being accepted to vote at the polling place, HB218 and HB626 would have a devastating effect on the ability for many qualified Texans to register to vote and cast their ballot for the candidate of their choice.
The “Voter ID” agenda is part of a state-by-state effort orchestrated by Karl Rove with the clear intention of suppressing the vote among certain groups of voters – seniors, college students, lower income voters and minorities – who typically vote Democratic.

Call Your Representative TODAY and Tell Them to Protect Your Right to Vote
If you don’t know your representative is, you can find him/her by clicking here.

HB 218 would require voters to present a photo ID or two forms of non-photo ID, in addition to a legitimate voter registration card, before being accepted to vote at the polling place. If a voter could not meet these requirements, the voter would be allowed to vote provisionally (less than 1% of provisional voters are ever counted) or the voter would have to leave and come back with the required ID. The only kind of “fraud” HB218 could possibly address is “voter impersonation.”
HB 626 would literally end voter registration drives and registration by mail as we know them today by requiring every person who registers to provide a certified copy (not a photocopy) of a birth certificate ($23), citizenship papers ($200) or a passport, mailed in a business reply envelope if not presented in person. By requiring a “certified” copy instead of a photocopy, the days of voter registration tables, door-to-door voter registration and registration by mail would be over.
The potential impact of this voter ID and voter registration “poll tax” is well-known:
– In 2006, the non-partisan Brennan Center for Justice found that 25% of African American citizens, 18% of citizens 65 and over, and 15% of voters earning under $35,000/year don’t have government-issued photo identification.
– Roughly half of married women do not have a birth certificate that matches their current legal name (Brennan Center for Justice study).
– The elderly, renters, college students and newly registered voters are less likely to have additional ID that matches information on the voting rolls, and many don’t change the address or photo on a photo ID until renewal. Examples include: a student’s driver’s license with a school address; a newlywed who has changed her name on a driver’s license but not the voting rolls; a person who has moved and has different addresses on a photo ID and the poll list

Speak Out Today – Don’t Let Republicans Take Away Our Right to Vote
Call your State Representative and tell them to vote against these unnecessary and discriminatory bills. Click here to find your representative.

Republican Myths About Voter Fraud!
In January 2006, AG Greg Abbott launched a statewide campaign to combat an “epidemic” of voter fraud. One year and $1.5 million later, the AG has only been able to identify thirteen cases involving 50 ballots…and 10 of these cases are over-zealous prosecutions of technical violations by Democrats that found no evidence of fraud – cases where neighbors or friends were merely assisting seniors by delivering their mail ballot.
There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in Texas, nor are there any cases of voter impersonation or unqualified voters trying to vote using another person’s name.

Take a Stand for Texans’ Right to Vote
Stop the Republican Attempts to Make Voting a Privilege!

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