More than 1 in 4 e-votes incorrect in Cuyahoga County

More Than 1 in 4 Votes Recorded Incorrectly on Diebold System in Cuyahoga County, According to 2006 Election Audit

Some Ballots Counted Twice, Others Not At All, Database Found Corrupted, Old, Not Recommended for Use by Microsoft

Raw Election Data Held as ‘Diebold Trade Secret’ by Registrar Michael Vu Who Was Forced to Resign…Though He’s Now Been Hired by San Diego!
The following new information on Cuyahoga County, Ohio’s November 2006 election — showing that voting results on more than 1 in 4 voting systems failed to match up with the results on the central tabulator — occurred under the administration of Michael Vu, the county’s now-resigned Election Director who has, incredibly enough, been immediately hired up by the People’s Republic of San Diego County and their former Registrar Mikel Haas (along with Vu, one of America’s worst, so he was promoted by the county naturally!) as the new Assistant Registrar of Voters…
From AP:

CLEVELAND – Computer vote-memory card totals failed to match electronic voting machine ballot tallies in more than one quarter of the samples checked from the November election in the state’s most populous county, an independent audit showed Thursday.

In the 37 sample precincts where results didn’t match, there may have been corrupted memory cards, missing or torn reports, faulty printers or other problems, according to the independent audit commissioned by the Cuyahoga County elections board.

The audit committee found a match among 95 precincts out of 132 precincts in which three races were checked for discrepancies between vote-memory cards and paper records of ballots cast on electronic machines.

Amazing enough, but it gets much much worse….

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Hi. This synopsis is not quite accurate. I’m reading the report now.

In somewhat less than one out of four “precincts” sampled, the precinct vote counts in the GEMS server database did not match the sum of the vote counts obtained from the DRE vote totals tapes that were printed at poll closing.

Most of this was due to missing or torn, damaged, unreadable vote totals tapes.

However the audit did not examine the voter verifiable paper trail rolls due to Ohio law which does not allow them to be examined until after the official canvass of votes.

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