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Jon Stewart mocks Pat Robertson’s law school
04/27/2007 @ 10:05 am
Filed by David Edwards and Mike Sheehan

Jon Stewart took aim at televangelist Pat Robertson’s law school, Regent University, on ‘The Daily Show.’

The House Judiciary Committee, investigating the U.S. Attorney firings scandal, voted to grant immunity to former aide to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Monica Goodling. Goodling is a graduate of Regent.

“There are over 150 other Regent alumni currently working in the Bush administration with her,” says Stewart. It’s not surprising, he says, “since the latest U.S. News & World Report ranks Regent as a ‘Tier Four’ school, out of what must be hundreds of… oh, there’s only four tiers.

“Well, certainly four must be the best tier of the… eh, it’s the worst tier,” adds Stewart, to laughter. “Apparently, I’m being told that Regent is tied with Jiffy Law.”

Watch the clip.

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Thank you Jon Stewart for exposing the cream-of-the-crop credentials of the Bush administration. As for Pat Robertson: does anyone know how this man has become so influential? Who are his supporters, and has his agenda always been political. Robertson, to me, is much more dangerous than people like Ann Coulter; she espouses such right-wing propaganda knowing it is false and knowing she is playing to an audience (i.e. she’s really an entertainer), but he actually believes in such views – views that are detrimental to democracy. For more on the Evangelical agenda, I recommend the documentary “Jesus Camp.”

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