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20 April 2007
Breaking: ‘They are with weapons drawn – they (SWAT teams, police) are at the ready.’ Officials: Man With Weapon Barricaded In JSC Building –NASA is a secure building; ID is required for access 20 Apr 2007 A building at the Johnson Space Center was evacuated Friday afternoon after a man with a weapon barricaded himself inside, KPRC Local 2 reported… The roads around Building 44 are blocked. A local school has been locked down. MSNBC – KPRC reporter: “The only people who can go through the gate are employees, government officials, and media personnel who have been issued credentials – not merely ID. Your name has to be on a list, and you have to pass a checkpoint. That includes everyone who works at NASA… This person [gunman] had credentials.” Just posting that quote now, before that point is later ‘forgotten.’ —LRP]
Unconfirmed: reports of shots fired. ‘SWAT teams have assembled on the campus.’

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