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Stuart Ewen has started a terrific and much-needed new Web site for unpublished letters to the editor. Although he had not planned to dedicate a sector of the site to letters on election fraud/reform, he’s greatly interested in doing so, if he should get enough such letters to justify it.
So if you’ve written such a letter (or letters), or if you plan to, and if such letters were or are rejected, please send copies Stuart’s way. The pertinent info is below. (And, of course, keep Stuart in mind for unpublished letters that you’ve written, or intend to write, to editors on any subject.)
Dear Tom:
Mark Crispin Miller forwarded me your note to him regarding Election Integrity issues. Right now we have some appropriate places to publish letters about this crucial concern
but-should the flow of good letters demand it-we’re willing to develop a specific page for this critical issue.
I met with the editorial group this week. Our thought is this. Please encourage people you know and work with to send us material. For now we will publish good letters in existing departments. If we get a large number of letters that cut to the core of the issue as you’ve articulated it, we will then create a new button and a direct access page. We agree that democracy, elections and the perversion of both are burning issues.
As you know, our readers are our writers. This is the basic premise of the publication. Please tell people about the site and ask them to send in clear issue related letters that they’ve
sent that remain unpublished. This will start the ball rolling. Also encourage members of the movement to inundate newspapers with hard-hitting, well-informed and visionary material. When papers, or other publications, opt out of publishing these letters RLTE is open to providing as much coverage as we can. But we also want to push the
mainstream media to open the gates beyond their still narrow entry point.
I hope this arrangement makes sense to you. Please let me know. I think it is in everyone’s interest to get these ideas out there. The more we have, the more the issue will be present in RLTE.
Best, Stuart
Stuart Ewen, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher
Rejected Letters to the Editor (RLTE)
P.O. Box 231371
Ansonia Station
New York, NY 10023
email: rejectedletterstotheeditor[at] (for submissions)

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