From Texas to San Francisco

Go thou and do likewise.
Dear Honorable San Francisco Board of Supervisors, staff and media,

Below you will find listed several events taking place this week in Austin, Texas before the Texas House committee regarding problems with electronic voting.

I am forwarding this on to the SF Board of Supervisors so they know they are in good company with our fabulous fellow Texan elected officials (sarcasm intended) who will be hearing about problems with electronic voting machines this week. (Maybe they are also contemplating a multimillion dollar contract with Sequoia or Diebold or ESS for the State of Texas and under pressure from the sales reps and lobbyists for those companies.)

On a different subject, there are major problems with the Holt’s bill (HR811) currently being considered by Congress. For more info, go to to read the recent interview with Harri Hursti, a Finnish Computer Security Expert, made famous “for his hack of a paper-based Diebold optical-scan voting system in Leon County, Florida, in late 2005 (as seen live in HBO’s documentary Hacking Democracy).”

I thank each and every SF Board of Supervisor who voted to demand that Sequoia provide 3rd party access to their proprietary code. Thanks to Mark Crispin Miller (author of “Fooled Again: How the Right Stole The Election in 2004”) for forwarding this press release.


Katie Hickox
resident of San Francisco (currently reside in Aaron Peskin’s district after having lived 6 years in Bevan Dufty’s district and before that a few years on Gavin’s district)

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