Freeman/Lehto's winning West Coast tour!

Election Integrity News
by Steve Freeman
March 31, 2007


In This Issue Western US Tour – Laudable Local Organizing, a Compelling Story, Audience Potential Election Integrity Community Sucess & the Holt Bill – Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory What to Do

A Sucessful Western Tour

Thanks to the outstanding efforts of local organizers, election attorney Paul Lehto and I recently completed a remarkable tour of eight western US cities

We did ten major, diverse events and more than 20 media interviews. Even when we spoke for more than two hours, not a single person would leave. Often forgotten in the eye-glazing technical details of VVPAT/ HAVA/ HR811 “debates” is that a stolen federal election is a compelling story, one which deeply engages the audience, and would deeply engage most Americans.

Until this tour, I did not believe democracy or truth had much chance to prevail in this endeavor. As a nation our commitment to both is severely enervated. But our audiences led me to believe that vitalization is possible. Together, we constitute an astounding array of intelligence, abilities, and resources. Now if only we could harness this potential …

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Election Integrity Community Sucess & Congressional Action

On many issues, the election integrity community is, amazingly enough, winning: On the need to verify votes and on affirming values, it’s no contest. More generally, vast segments of our nation are waking up, showing an appropriate skepticism for official pronouncements. And let’s not forget that there now IS an election integrity community, one that almost certainly helped restrain corruption in the 2006 election.

Unfortunately, that momentum is endangered. One cannot overstate just how poorly framed the congressional discussion on election reform has been. Democracy is in critical condition – bleeding, bankrupt, obese, and suffering from a malnutrition-induced dementia. And those who have claimed the mantel of election reform want to substitute saccharin for sugar in our soft drinks. They tried this week to “fast track” a deeply flawed bill, Holt HR811.

For full analysis, please read

What to Do

To reach the public at large and to harness the energy generated in these forums would require resources and sustained efforts, which themselves require a strategic plan and organization.

Democracy and truth depend on all of us. All kinds of help are needed to continue research, investigation, and education. See our website for suggestions. But right now, we especially need leadership, help in generating resources, and high level organizing. If you can help in any of these areas, please write to me and also sign onto our google group, and help lead or participate in our ongoing discussions.

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