Fox runs joke story as real news

Posted Apr 27th 2007 4:48PM by Cenk Uygur

Fox got caught this week with their hand in the cookie jar, or should I say the ham sandwich. They went on-air with a flat out made up story. The story involved a ham steak being placed in front of Muslim students as a prank in a middle school in Maine. Fox News Channel believed a parody site that said that an Anti-Ham Response Plan had been implemented at the school to fight against ham sandwiches –
and ran with the story on-air.

You know they wanted to believe the story. They ran it because it’s the kind of thing Fox eats up. They love to ham up these fake stories of political correctness. And this involved making fun of sensitive Muslims, even better. Fox was in hog heaven.

This is their silly “War on Christmas” type of story on crack. Instead of embellishing and making up stories on their own, this time they made the mistake of using an actual parody that could be proven to be fake. That was their real error. They’re usually savvier than that.

I have called Fox, “Fake News Channel” before because of their penchant for putting so much bias in stories that they aren’t representative of reality. That’s actually a much worse transgression than this because there they convince the mainstream media to cover real stories with their false slant — and the press usually falls for it. In this case, it’s good to see that they lived up to the title of literally being the Fake News Channel.

I remember when Fox News demanded that all of the CBS producers and anchors be fired when they went with an uncorroborated story on-air. I am sure they will apply the same standard to their staff, right?

Yeah, when pigs fly.

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