DRE emergency in New York State!

Urgent from Bo Lipari:

Mark, I’d like to get this news spread as wide as possible. I hope you can forward this and subsequent mails on the topic to your list. We’ll be following up with action alerts and activities over the next few weeks in an attempt to shut down the use of uncertified DREs. We only have a few weeks, so rapid response is the order of the day!

Vendors Try End Run Around New York State Election Law

Uncertified DREs to be used in Troy School Election on May 15

In a breaking crisis in New York State, the City School Board of Troy, NY approved the use of uncertified DREs for the May 15, 2007 School Board Elections.

In a brazen attempt to have their uncertified DREs used in New York State, Liberty Election Systems and their Dutch partner Nedap made the School District of Troy an offer they couldn’t refuse – use of 10 of their DREs in the upcoming School District Election at no cost to the district. Unfortunately, the Liberty DRE has not completed New York State testing or met any of the State’s regulatory standards, and is not certified for use in the State by the New York State Board of Elections.

Dutch Technicians to Oversee DREs in US Election

Liberty Election Systems is a NYS corporation marketing DREs manufactured and supported by the Dutch company Nedap. Liberty doesn’t do tech stuff; they only handle sales and marketing. Nedap’s Dutch engineers provide the technical expertise; designing, writing and supporting all software and hardware. In NYS Nedap engineers have provided all technical oversight and support of the Liberty DRE. But the election on May 15th isn’t a demo, it’s a real election with an $88.3 million dollar budget at stake. The technical advisors running the LibertyVote/Nedap DREs on Troy’s Election Day will be foreign citizens. Do we really want foreign nationals running voting machines in American elections?

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