DoJ suppressed voter turnout coast to coast

Is there a the line between such efforts and outright election fraud and vote suppression? If so, what is it? Whatever it is, BushCo’s “Justice Department” has long since crossed it.

So far John Edwards is the only major Dem contender who has noted the dire need
for election reform. When will Hillack Obinton mention it?


From the Baltimore Sun
Administration tried to curb election turnout in key states
Campaign against alleged voter fraud sought to bolster the GOP
By Greg Gordon
April 19, 2007

WASHINGTON — For six years, the Bush administration, aided by Justice Department political appointees, has pursued an aggressive legal effort to restrict voter turnout in key battleground states in ways that favor Republican political candidates, according to former department lawyers and a review of written records.
The administration intensified its efforts last year as President Bush’s popularity and Republican support eroded heading into a midterm battle for control of Congress, which the Democrats won.

Facing nationwide voter registration drives by Democratic-leaning groups, the administration alleged widespread election fraud and endorsed proposals for tougher state and federal voter identification laws. Presidential political adviser Karl Rove alluded to the strategy in April 2006 when he railed about voter fraud in a speech to the Republican National Lawyers Association.

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