Diebold whistleblower speaks out!

STEPHEN HELLER: Take a Deep Breath and Blow Hard!
A Whistleblower on Why Whistleblowing Matters, and Why You Should Be One…No Matter the Price…
Guest Blogged by Steve Heller
In a guest BRAD BLOG editorial, the “Diebold Whistleblower” speaks out for the first time on the personal costs of whistleblowing, and the benefits to our democracy which outweight them.


“The United States government and American corporations are counting on you to keep your mouth shut.”

“In this era of increasingly secretive government and government contracting, whistleblowers are one of the only ways of finding out what our elected officials are doing to our rights.”

“Everyone claims to be a patriot. But patriotism is more than waving the flag and chanting ‘U.S.A.! We’re Number 1!’ True patriotism means, among other things, believing in and standing up for American justice.”

“Why do it? Why risk everything to expose fraud and corruption? Because our nation, our democracy, our way of life, depends on it.”

“Lifting up the pretty skirt Diebold wears before the world and exposing the filthy corruption underneath, lead to some hard knocks for me and my wife. But it was an opportunity for me to pay a small part of the cost of freedom.”

“So for those of you who have seen or someday will see evidence of government or corporate corruption, join me. Expose it. You’ll help pay the cost of freedom….Blow that whistle, and blow it hard.”


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