Dems diddle, Busheviks recycle ACORN lie

Democrats and Their Public Advocacy Group Supporters Continue to Fiddle on Election Reform as Democracy Burns
Even While the Republican Governor of Florida (of all people and places) Restores Felon Voting Rights, Calls for a Ban on Touch-Screen DRE Voting and Otherwise Succeeds in Shaming the Democrats…
Florida’s new Republican Gov. Charlie Crist continues to get far in front of Congressional Democrats concerning issues of Election Reform.
While Democrats in Congress, and their public-advocacy group supporters such as People for the American Way (PFAW), MoveOn, Common Cause and VoteTrustUSA, continue to dally around the edges of reform vis a vis Rep. Rush Holt’s Election Reform bill (HR811) in the House and a forthcoming companion bill from Dianne Feinstein in the Senate, shamefully, it’s the Republican Florida Governor — of all people — who is proving to be the true Progressive in the fight for real reform.
There’s plenty of blame to go around, of course, to members of both major parties at both the state and federal level. As well, groups like MoveOn and VoteTrustUSA’s uncritical support has helped to move things forward even as the current and pending federal bills seem to be on track to make things even worse, instead of better.
But what we’ve come to learn about PFAW’s advocacy in favor of disenfranchising, dangerous DRE touch-screen voting technology, has been both inexplicable and a surprise even to us…

The GOP’s ACORN ‘Voter Fraud’ Canard Appears
Again, This Time in U.S. Attorney Scandal Purge
NM’s David Iglesias Pressured by Republicans to Bring ‘Voter Fraud’ Charges Against Voter Registration Group

But Prosecutor Found No Case Worth Bringing…
Ah yes, the always reliable GOP “vote fraud” scammers’ “ACORN canard” rears it’s ugly (and unsubstantiated) head again.

It’s always been about undermining democracy for these jerks. >From 2000 on up to 2008, the quest for power trumps the people in the minds of the wretched GOP evil doers….

Bill O’Reilly Flips His Lid…
Wow…Just wow. Bill O’Reilly goes Morton Downey Jr.
Give this one a look. Trainwreck now in progress…

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