NFU padlocked by Homeland Security

Subject: closed down by Homeland Security
Hey Mark,
I just went to Eric Blumrich’s site and saw the big Homeland Security seal with the following message:
The website that you are attempting to visit is currently offline, pending investigation of possible violations of §802 of the USA PATRIOT Act.
I just sent Eric an email asking if he needed help, or wanted me to contact his local ACLU. Haven’t heard back yet.
Best regards,
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I was unfamiliar with this site … similar to Buzzflash?

With Rosie’s recent rants on 9/11 reaching some thirty million viewers [The View] the central justification our govt has used for dire ends is again the topic of focus, and me thinks that going foward ‘the establishment,’ so to speak, isn’t going to be able to quell, ignore, disavow or steer the debate away from the evidence with personal smears against those speaking out – the list of former govt personnel and scholars is ever increasing.

Watch for some heavy neocon “reminding,” with the complete, unflinching aid of the corporate/State nexus to help “sell” it … I mean, seriously, why expect anything to change? And then, Blackwater USA will step in to save the day!!!

BTW, this on C-SPAN 2 today:

(why do the “word verification” systems on blogs nearly always require repeated attempts? strange, eh…)

I also wrote to Eric Blumrich. If this is a joke, it’s a very poor one. But I hope it’s a joke.

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