Bushflash story looks like April Fool's Day prank

My friend Thom Hartmann writes (below) to note that that seeming DHS site is in fact private and not governmental, which suggests that the whole thing may well be an April Fool’s Day joke. (And it’s really funny, isn’t it?) So if that email got you hot and bothered, and is indeed a fake, please accept my sincere apologies.
This reminds me of another episode from the early Nineties, when I was doing a weekly show on WJHU-FM, the NPR affiliate in Baltimore (which is now WYPR), with radio talent Lisa Simeone. In that morning’s NYTimes there was a full-page ad announcing that Taco Bell had signed an agreement with the USG, so that the Liberty Bell would henceforth be officially called the “Taco Liberty Bell” (or it might have been the “Liberty Taco Bell”).
Then, as now, I freaked, and immediately started planning to do that day’s show on that outrageous case of product placement. It took me a few hours, and the calm advice of certain friends, to realize that it was actually a joke.
So we decided to play our own April Fool’s Day trick. That day Lisa had on, instead of MCM, two profs from out of town who were in Baltimore to give a lecture at the Hopkins med school on their new invention: a small satellite dish made to fit over the stomachs of pregnant women, whose fetuses would be subliminally enlightened, non-stop, by special messages intended to “enhance their self-esteem”–messages like “Just do it,” “You deserve a break today,” and “It’s the right thing to do.”
Lisa was outraged, and got into a big argument with those two jokers, one of whom was an Italian, and the other a Texan. (I can’t recall their names.) Afterward we were besieged with calls from angry Baltimoreans–all women–who could not believe that she’d give air-time to such charlatans. There was also consternation in the highest reaches of the JHU bureaucracy: Ross Jones, the towering bean-counter responsible for the radio station, was furious at Lisa for interviewing those two freaks.
He was even more disturbed to learn, from an underling who had his wits about him (and actually possessed a sense of humor) that “those” were not “two freaks,” in fact, but only me, speaking in two different voices.
Some people just can’t take a joke.
The HTML code indicates that the logo is being pulled from a private and not a government site, so I’m pretty sure this is not “real.” [snip]

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