Bushevik runs OSC investigaton of Karl Rove

Rove Investigator Being Investigated
By Jason Leopold
t r u t h o u t | Report

Tuesday 24 April 2007

A federal investigation into the political activities of Karl Rove, was
announced late Tuesday, is being headed by a Bush appointee who is currently
the target of an internal White House probe – calling into question the
integrity of the administration’s efforts to conduct an independent review
of Rove’s work as White House political adviser.

The news underscores how deeply the Bush administration is mired in scandal.

Scott J. Bloch, who heads the Office of Special Counsel, told the Los
Angeles Times Monday that his office will launch a wide-ranging
investigation into Rove’s involvement in the firings of eight US attorneys,
his behind-the-scenes work to influence elections, and his use of a
Republican National Committee email account to conduct official White House
business, in what appears to be a violation of the Presidential Records Act.

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Oh, this is too funny. Jason Leopold still thinks he has any credibility left, especially when it comes to Karl Rove? Har har.

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