Bush/Cheney's moral influence

Remember when the right kept shrilling about Clinton’s deleterious impact
on the morals of Our Young People? As if there was, or might be, a sudden
blow-job epidemic all throughout (and behind) the nation’s schools?
Well, if that ever happened, I never heard about it; and even if it happened,
our democracy was unharmed by Bill’s tete-a-tetes with Monica Lewinsky.
Here, on the other hand, is evidence of a more serious rot, from the daily
newpaper at NYU. (The reporter, Jared Irmas, assisted me expertly with
the research for Fooled Again.)

CAS election scandal divides council

By: Jared Irmas
Posted: 4/18/07

CAS Student Council President Meredith Dolgin’s alleged mishandling of the organization’s elections dominated last night’s council meeting.

The elections should be taking place today, but as of 3 this morning, the elections channel on NYUHome said that the online polls were closed.

WSN reported yesterday that Dolgin disbanded the five-member Elections Committee, which oversees council elections, and restaffed it with three members – herself and two close allies on the council. Dolgin did not notify the rest of the council about her actions.

WSN also reported that four senior council members say Dolgin has used her influence to push political opponents out of the race.

Throughout the meeting, those four council members – Vice President Megan Cruz, Student Affairs Chair Jenny Shen, former Elections Committee member Jeremy Troxel and Freshmen Representative Katy Leoni – frequently sparred verbally with Dolgin and her supporters.

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I don’t know about anyone else, but I remember that the guy I was dating at the time asked for a blow job so he could feel presidential. I of course gave it to him so that I could imagine our bedroom as the Oval Office. After one role play it just didn’t stop! He said if it was good enough for the leader of the free world it was good enough for us. I would try to gather more evidence before making a broad claim….

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