Another "disastrous" election looms in Denver

Another Denver election glitch
By The Denver Post Editorial Board
The Denver Post

Article Last Updated:03/30/2007 04:48:30 PM MDT

Perhaps it’s time for Denver civic leaders to take to the airwaves with a message targeting citizens who might miss the May 1 city election.

More than 100,000 Denver residents have been classified as “inactive” voters because they didn’t vote in the November or January elections. That doesn’t mean they can’t vote in the May election – but it does mean they won’t receive ballots for the all-mail election unless they request them.

The problem has two causes. The first is a delayed time bomb from the disastrous November election, when computer problems forced citizens to wait in line for hours and sent an estimated 20,000 frustrated residents home without voting. And the January special election had a miserably low turnout – just 53,797 voted on a ballot issue to abolish Denver’s election commission and replace it with an elected clerk and recorder.

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