A sharp critique re: HR 811

From the excellent Nancy Tobi….

April 27, 2007
Rebuttal to Dill’s support of the HR 811 Trojan Horse
By Nancy Tobi
Dr. David Dill, long time proponent of the concept of “verified voting” (voters get to proofread computer printouts of their voting intention), recently posted an oped in support of the Holt Bill (HR 811).

However, Dr. Dill’s arguments in support of HR 811 fall apart from the moment he promotes an “it’s this or nothing” position. Every argument he makes in support of the bill is easily deconstructed when we remember we are fighting for our American democracy and not the right for corporate technologists, computer expert elitists, and bureaucrats to run our elections.
A very bright voting rights activist in California stated to me the other night, “we did away with the literacy test as a right to vote a long time ago!”

And we will fight just as hard to do away with the computer literacy test embedded in our current technoelection nightmare, embraced and supported by HR 811.

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