A patriot charged with "voter fraud" in Michigan

Dear Mark Crispin Miller,
Please throw your spotlight on the trial and forthcoming sentencing of Rev. Edward Pinkney of Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Rev. Pinkney’s case is fraught with issues of great national importance: the manipulation of voter fraud allegations; theft of public property through political bribery; blatant racism; judicial corruption (involving a Bush II appointee); violation of jury selection standards; and so on.
The story is basically quite simple. Rev. Pinckney successfully managed a recall election, in order to block the corporate theft of Benton Harbor’s waterfront. He was then targeted on charges of “voter fraud,” and was tried TWICE for that alleged crime. The trial was joke. The sentencing hearing is set for May 14.
The Pan-African News wire has carefully followed the story. See its detailed backgrounder here, and also here.
My own interest arises from six years of volunteer effort to make election reform issues visible and comprehensible to Michigan voters, many of whom have been lulled into somnolence by the belief that “opti-scan” ballots protect them from fraudulent counts. I learned about the Pinkney case when a friend forwarded this article to me: (I posted it on my own Web
site, address below.)

Please do what you can to publicize this case. My sense is that the national scandal of the AG firings points directly to election-related scandals within each district.

Thanks for your attention,

Marcia MacMullan
Michigan Election Reform Alliance

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