A legal victory in PA

April 15, 2007

Court rejects state’s protests to voting machine suit
Electronic machines have security, accuracy flaws, activists claim.
By Joe Nixon and Brian Callaway of The Morning Call
Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court has dismissed the state’s preliminary objections to a lawsuit challenging the certification of touch-screen electronic voting machines used in 57 counties, allowing the case to proceed.
In a 4-3 decision handed down last week, the court dismissed 16 objections filed on behalf of Commonwealth Secretary Pedro Cortés, whose office oversees elections in the state.
The decision doesn’t mean critics of electronic voting machines will get their way. The court could still rule against them. Activists nonetheless applauded the decision.

”This is a victory for citizens,” said Mary Ann Gould of Bucks County, who helped found a group called the Coalition for Voting Integrity. ”Winning this case is so important because it will give citizens confidence that we can prove the vote.”

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