98-year-old Montana woman not allowed to vote

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Voter Fraud and Fired U.S. Attorney Paul Charlton
by Cho
Sat Apr 21, 2007 at 05:05:11 PM EST

While political junkies and media everywhere have been fixated on “I don’t Recall” Gonzales and his testimony last week, a late Friday (4-20-07) A.P. story, Court Rejects Blocking Ariz. Voter Law, reports interesting developments in fired U.S. Attorney Paul Charlton’s Arizona District…and the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Friday’s ruling adds to ePluribus Media’s earlier rumblings about the Politicization of the Civil Rights Division and the two engines of subverting its original agenda and mandate.

The ruling is one more in a growing body of circumstantial evidence that supports what 35-year veteran and once head of the Voting Rights Section Joe Rich alleges is a well-orchestrated partisan program to disenfranchise minority voters, who, as a general rule, tend to vote Democratic.

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And indeed, A.P. reporter Paul Davenport tells us that, with the recent ruling, Arizona can now proceed with refusing voting rights to anyone who doesn’t produce government-issued picture ID or two pieces of other non-photo identification as specified by the new law — the very legislation recently struck down in Georgia. According to Davenport:

Critics said that the law would disenfranchise voters, particularly minorities and the elderly, and that requiring voters to acquire and produce identification would be burdensome in time, money and effort.

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