These two items say it all…

There is no “voter fraud scandal.”

FL-13: Company Warned of Touch-Screen Voting System Defect, But Sarasota Declined to Fix Machines or Caution Voters
FULL LETTER POSTED: ES&S Urged State, Local Officials to Take Corrective Measures Three Months Prior to Contested Jennings/Buchanan Race Last November
Election Integrity Advocate’s Warning About Bug Also Ignored Both Before and After Election…

Melinda Henneberger at Huffington Post runs a news item today concerning an August 2006 letter from the voting machine company ES&S to Florida Elections officials warning about a defect in the iVotronic touch-screen voting machine which succeeded in losing the votes of some 18,000 voters in the razor-thin election between Christine Jennings (D) and Vern Buchanan (R) in Florida’s 13th U.S. House Congressional district. Buchanan was provisionally seated, pending a Congressional challenge and state lawsuit filed by Jennings, after he was declared the “winner” by 369 votes.
Sarasota, FL’s Election Supervisor, Kathy Dent, decided against both having their machines patched to take care of the defect and posting a warning notice for voters as advised by ES&S. “No one in the State of Florida updated,” their machines after receiving the letter, Dent told Henneberger. “That’s because it was too close to the election. It was a state decision that it was too late to make changes.”

Further, The BRAD BLOG posts the letter from ES&S in full, along with frustrated comments from the Election Integrity advocate who had been trying to get the attention of both Florida officials and Jennings’ legal team who were both investigating the matter.

“I sent that memo (and my concerns) to anyone I could think of,” McCloy explained told us “and this year to every election reform list serve that I could, posted it on political message boards. I asked and asked – has this bug been fixed?”…


Wingnuts Desperately Spinning U.S. Attorney Firings into Unsubstantiated ‘Voter Fraud’ Allegations
(All the While Ignoring the Actual DOCUMENTED Voter Fraud Felonies of Their Hero, Ann Coulter…)

It’s been amusing — if exasperating — to watch the latest like-clockwork contortions of the wingnuts in their desperate, if predictable, attempt to spin the U.S. Attorney firing scandal into a “voter fraud” scandal. That, they tell us in lock-step is the “real scandal” that the “liberal media” is conveniently overlooking in their attempts to victimize poor poor George W. Bush.

In the bargain, the Bush Apologist Bloggers also happily ignore one of the only clear and actually documented cases of voter fraud: That which was actually committed by rightwing sycophant/hate-monger, Ann Coulter in Florida….


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