The booty of the Rising Sun

From Bruce O’Dell:


There’s much more behind this story… have you read “Gold Warriors: America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold” by Peggy and Sterling Seagrave?

An absolutely stunning revelation of the systematic looting of twelve Asian countries during World War II by the Japanese military; in the interest of thoroughness, Japan even engaged elements of their Yakuza to loot the criminal underworld in their occupied countries as well. The book describes the post-war covert recovery of, among other loot, tens of thousands of metric tons of gold by the US government, the government of the Philippines, and certain private individuals. This recovered treasure was put to many uses over the years, not only to manipulate Japanese elections, but… not surprisingly… elections around the world. Some of it even wound up in the hands of the extreme US right wing. (As an aside, the book clearly shows how the rules of international banking have not really changed all that much
since the time of the Medicis.)

There’s a good summary and review at and an extended interview with the author at , and you can purchase the book online at


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