Rove's role in U.S. Attorney's ouster

Clearly the Busheviks were purging those U.S. Attorneys who refused to help the party fix the vote. (More news of this sort is forthcoming.)

I say “clearly” as an optimist, forever hopeful that the blind (i.e., the Democrats) will see, and act accordingly.

Here’s further evidence of the dire need, not (God forbid) for a Democratic stranglehold on the electoral apparatus, but for a system thoroughly and rigidly non-partisan, controlled only by the people.


Rove was asked to fire U.S. attorney
Posted on Sat, Mar. 10, 2007
By Margaret Talev and Marisa Taylor
McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON – Presidential advisor Karl Rove and at least one other member of the White House political team were urged by the New Mexico Republican party chairman to fire the state’s U.S. attorney because of dissatisfaction in part with his failure to indict Democrats in a voter fraud investigation in the battleground election state.

In an interview Saturday with McClatchy Newspapers, Allen Weh, the party chairman, said he complained in 2005 about then-U.S. Attorney David Iglesias to a White House liaison who worked for Rove and asked that he be removed. Weh said he followed up with Rove personally in late 2006 during a visit to the White House.

“Is anything ever going to happen to that guy?” Weh said he asked Rove at a White House holiday event that month.

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