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Kansas City, MO was the site of the first organized counter proposal to the onslaught of electronic voting. A group of citizen activists announced a ballot initiative to let Missouri voters chose to return to paper ballots.

ShowMeTheVote.Org made the announcement last night to a packed house. They’re moving full speed to get the 140,000 signatures.

Great day for democracy!

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Collins: Missouri Activists Say “Show Me The Vote”
Wednesday, 28 February 2007, 2:46 pm
Article: Michael Collins
Show Me the Vote!

Major Voting Rights Initiative Announced

Missouri Activists Say “Show Me The Vote”

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George Caleb Bingham’s “The County Election,” Boone County, Missouri” 1851
Michael Collins
“Scoop” Independent News
Washington, DC
Kansas City, MO. A diverse group of Missouri activists made history today when they announced a 2008 ballot initiative to return their state elections to paper ballots. The country has adopted electronic voting at a break neck pace since 2000 propelled by over $6 billion in subsidies by the White House and Congress.
This announcement marks the first major resistance to the e-voting trend. If the initiative gets on the ballot and passes, Missourians will be voting on and hand counting paper ballots. Canada, Ireland, Italy, and England all vote on hand count paper ballots. The United States did as well until the rush to electronic voting rendered the traditional paper ballot all but extinct.
Phil Lindsey a Missouri activist and Director of ShowMeTheVote.Org, presented the initiative in a speech tonight at the University of Missouri, KC before a packed hall. The initiative announcement was preceded by Stealing America: Vote by Vote, a film by Emmy award winner Dorothy Fadiman. A panel of election experts discussed the film and American elections in the age of e-voting..

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