John Edwards says "YES!" to ban on touch-screen voting

Presidential Candidate Becomes First to Join Growing Movement When Queried About Issue at Campaign Event in California
Edwards Becomes Second Politician in a Week to Announce Support for the Election Integrity Movement After Being Asked About it at Public Event
While it’s unlikely to get as much attention as Ann Coulter calling him a “faggot” during her speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last night, The BRAD BLOG has learned that John Edwards became the first Presidential Candidate to announce his support for a growing movement calling for a ban on the use of all Direct Recording Electronic (DRE, usually touch-screen) voting systems in American elections.
The BRAD BLOG was contacted late last night by Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) Chairwoman, Mimi Kennedy with the news that Edwards agreed, during a campaign event in Los Angeles sponsored by the Pacific Palisades Democratic Club, to join her organization in calling for an end to electronic ballots in American elections….

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BRAD: My question is why Susannah, or anyone else, wouldn’t be in favor of counting 100% of the ballots in the first place, using those optical scan machines or a hand count, either one. Å  Why wouldn’t we just count these ballots, these paper ballots, in the first place on Election Day? That’s what we need. That’s what Americans needÅ 

SUSANNAH GOODMAN (of Common Cause): …You know, you could take 100% of those ballots and you still scan them through an optical scanner….the counting piece of this is electronic and it’s, it will absolutely, 100%, there will be a time when it absolutely fails, because it’s a machine and machines break.

BRAD: Well, that’s right, but we’ll have a paper ballot that’s been marked by the voter that they’ll be able to then go back and check, by any means necessary…


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