For all who want HR 811 fixed

So far, your faxes have not been included in the official record. In order to make sure that they are thus included, please read the following and act accordingly.
From Nancy Tobi:

I just spoke with Janelle – Election Legislative Staff of the House Admin Ctte. She asked me to NOT post our conversation to a website but I have her agreement to distribute to list servs. ALL OF OUR FAXES ARE NOT PART OF THE RECORD. TO GET THEM ON THE RECORD WE MUST EMAIL JANELLE BY END OF TODAY AND STATE THAT WE WANT IT PART OF THE RECORD. JUST COPY AND PASTE YOUR FAXES AND EMAIL THEM TO THIS ADDRESS:

Her remarks to me about yesterdays meeting follow:

Short meeting – less than 5 minutes
Mr Brady
Ms. Lofgren
Mr. Ehlers

The three above made short statements about election reform being bipartisan and that they have amendments to make to the bill.

Q: Why they delayed the markup?
A: Can’t go into the details – scheduling conflicts, more work to be done on the bill.

Q: When will amendments be made public.

A: After the recess – COngress reconvenes April 16th – don’t know yet when the markup will be rescheduled. Please call again around that time to find out. We are not trying to symie citizen review of legislation that is of great concern to the voters. Still working on it. Chairwoman ultimately responsible for this – it is a moving target. Chairwoman has expressed desire to mark up the bill in full committee. We understand that there has been great interest expressed to review election law, we are doing the best we can. Submit a letter to be included in the record deadline is close of business today. We have to email to Janelle to have the letter included in the record and we must indicate we want the letter included in the record.

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