Florida moving in the right direction

And they’ll eventually rethink the op-scans, too…

Crist, Republicans push to get rid of touch-screen voting machines
Sun Tallahassee Bureau March 30. 2007 6:01AM

TALLAHASSEE – Just a few years after the state and
counties spent tens of millions of dollars to put
touch-screen voting machines in 15 counties, taxpayers
may spend tens of millions of dollars more to get rid
of them.

Gov. Charlie Crist is leading the effort to replace the
touch-screen machines that have become a national
target of derision for alleged inaccuracies in counting
votes. The state’s top elections official, who Crist
appointed, said the controversy over whether votes were
lost in the race between U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan and
Democrat Christine Jennings prompted the decision to
get rid of touch-screen machines. Senate Republicans
are joining Crist in the push to spend nearly $30
million to replace the machines.

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Yeah, but notice that there’s no push to get rid of felon purges, voter intimidation, etc. This is Florida, after all…

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