Defeat in Maryland

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…”this is a tragedy,” Bobo said.”…

NOTE: The actual reason was NOT cost. Evidence was presented that clearly showed that the money saved over 4 to 5 years in the maintenance of our current set up would have exactly matched that for the purchase of optical scanners for counting the voter created paper ballots. Cost was NOT the issue. ajm
NOTE: The forces in support of paperless unauditable DRE’s did overwhelm the supporters of reform once again by gutting the bill at the very last minute in Committee. I believe that had the bill been allowed out of Committee onto the floor of the Senate, it would have passed and Maryland would have optical scan at long last.

But Maryland can be proud of the 37 sponsors of Kasemeyer’s Bill, the unanimous House support of Hixson’s Bill, and Senator Kasemeyer himself, Sheila Hixson, and Elizabeth Bobo. They risked much to be on the side of justice and honest elections. Though our hearts are broken for the loss to Maryland’s voting public, we will always admire these people who fought along with us and for us. ajm

Paper election ballot measure killed by Senate

Columbia Flier – Columbia,MD,USA
The electronic Diebold Election Systems machines Maryland now uses produce no such paper record. However, a Senate committee heavily amended the bill before

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Paper election ballot measure killed by Senate
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A Senate bill that would have required Maryland to use a paper ballot voting system was sent back to a Senate committee this week, effectively killing the measure, the bill’s sponsor said.

“Basically, it means it’s a dead issue,” said Senate Majority Leader Edward Kasemeyer, a Columbia Democrat, who sponsored the bill.

The bill, as originally proposed, would have required the state to use voting equipment that produces a paper record that allows voters to check their ballots before casting votes. It also would have required whatever voting machines the state uses to produce a paper record that could be audited for accuracy.

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