CNN to hire the Hammer

If criminal indictments are a plus at CNN, they should hire Foxy Brown instead. She’s better-looking than DeLay, and would certainly be less predictable.

Tell CNN that Fox should be the one to hire that bilious psychopath.


See the last paragraph below:

He’s a Hammer and the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy Is a Nail

I had dinner in New York Monday night with Tom DeLay, the former House Majority Leader who resigned last year after his indictment on dubious campaign finance charges in Texas became too great of a political burden.

Mr. DeLay, known as “The Hammer” for his ability to bring wavering members into line, is still smarting over criticism from the Wall Street Journal and others that he abandoned conservative principles while he was Majority Leader, but he was otherwise chipper and upbeat. He acknowledges that he “let [his] eye off the ball” and allowed some big-spending turkeys to pass the House. “The No Child Left Behind bill that gave the feds a bigger role in education, the last Farm Bill and the earmarks that got out of control even though they represent only a small part of the federal budget were all failings on my part,” he told me. But he also staunchly defended the Medicare prescription drug bill he helped pass in a controversial late-night vote in 2003, saying it’s saving money and improving the health of seniors by encouraging spending on drugs rather than hospital stays.

Now Mr. DeLay is preparing to answer his liberal critics whom he says have distorted his record. This month, his memoir “No Retreat, No Surrender: One American’s Fight” will be published by Sentinel. Mr. DeLay says the book will tell behind-the-scenes stories of how he and others planned the 1994 GOP takeover of Congress as well as about his relationships with Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Though Mr. DeLay insists on honoring the media embargo, he did offer one cryptic comment about the book’s contents: “I’m afraid that Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey will not be completely happy with my book.” Mr. DeLay famously feuded with both of his fellow GOP House leaders during much of the time they served together in the 1990s.

On other fronts, Mr. DeLay noted that the Democratic prosecutor who indicted him on campaign finance charges in Texas appears completely uninterested in bringing the case to trial. “I think they just want to have it hang over me as long as possible and have me spend money on lawyers,” he told me.

But Mr. DeLay isn’t letting the indictment block him from political involvement. This month, he started the Coalition for a Conservative Majority, which he sees as an information clearinghouse on what he calls the “great threat posed to our nation by the organized forces of the radicalized left.” Mr. DeLay believes the Democratic victory last November came about because “the Left now has more money, more interlocking organizations and more coordinated media supporters than we can possibly imagine.” He hopes to shine a light on these activities and encourage conservatives to work more closely together. “Nothing frustrated me more that I couldn’t get groups such as mining companies to see the need to work for a good energy bill. Most people in the business community are parochial and won’t work together for the common good. I hope to change that.”

Despite his antipathy toward liberals, Mr. DeLay joked that he’s happy to work with them. He told me he is about to sign on with CNN as a commentator. “I may be their only conservative on air, but someone has to do it.”
— John Fund



From: Mary
Sent: Sunday, March 11, 2007 10:03 AM
To: Mary
Subject: CNN in hiring Tom DeLay will hammer all of us with a warped message

CNN in hiring Tom DeLay will hammer all of us with a warped message
By Mary MacElveen
March 11, 2007

In an op-ed piece written by John Fund former Congressman Tom ‘The Hammer’ Delay will be joining CNN as a commentator. Oh great, just what America needs is another hot-headed and spiteful pundit on the airwaves. As if the American people did not have enough coming from the likes of Ann Coulter. Just to show how stupid an idea this is coming from CNN, why don’t they create a program called ‘The Hammer and the Man-her Show’? Then again, Ann may wish top billing.

This is what DeLay said of this deal, “I may be their only conservative on air, but someone has to do it.” Note to Tom DeLay: quite the contrary, you do not have to do it. In fact, we have heard quite enough coming from you over the years and here we thought we may never hear from you again. Life is certainly cruel if this is the best that stations like CNN can offer their viewers. Then again to offset this cruelty we will only have to look forward to what Keith Olbermann has to say of this on his MSNBC show Countdown. What name can he give DeLay as he has called Bill O’Reilly, “Bill-O”? I cannot wait to hear his commentaries.

CNN often gives conservative pundits such as Bay Buchanan a podium. Do they really need another? In fact this is what Buchanan stated of those who were the victims of Hurricane Katrina while on CNN’s ‘Situation Room’ with Wolf Blizter, “I think Katrina has worn its welcome.- I think the American people are tired of it.” In a responsorial fax to Bay Buchanan sent on April 28, 2006, I wrote in part, “Would you dare say that of those who died on September 11, 2001? In both situations, there was massive loss of life.”

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