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Friends of RLTE:
Today the Rejected Letters (volume 1, number 1) website is up. It can be viewed at There’s still some tweaking necessary, and a few graphics to be inserted, but we’re pleased with it. I hope you are as well.
Given that all materials submitted were the result of emails to individuals, lists, etc., I don’t think it’s too bad for a first issue. The beauty of the whole thing is that as word gets around this will only improve the content and fill holes that are evident in the current issue. For example, this issue has too little on Iraq, on Justice Department, on the VA debacle, on immigration issues, race relations, democratic struggles, etc. I know that this will change as word gets out. As is, there are some good letters and editorial notes filling in details. Also, I hope you’ll look at the inaugural editorial that begins on the home page, and the call for submissions that is brought up when you click the submit button on the masthead.
Please let me hear your thoughts and suggestions. Your interest in this project has been very inspiring to those of us who have worked on bringing Rejected Letters to the Editor into being.
And don’t forget to spread the word. Democracy is coming!
Yours, Stuart
Stuart Ewen, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
P.O. Box 231371
Ansonia Station
New York, NY 10023

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