BLUE GRIT by Laura Flanders

Dear friends,

It’s coming out, and I’m coming your way…

My new book, BLUE GRIT: TRUE DEMOCRATS TAKE BACK POLITICS FROM THE POLITICIANS, will hit the shelves on APRIL 9th, thanks to The Penguin Press.

As many of you know, the book is about how grassroots people with grit are showing Democrats how to win, and it’s full of the stories of progressives who are scoring victories against the odds.

As you may also know, when it comes to books, it’s important to get the word out fast, especially in the first week of publication. That’s the week beginning April 9th.

You can request a review copy or schedule an interview through The Penguin Press, pre-order online now, or put in a request at your local bookstore.

I know you’re swamped, but Blue Grit offers a welcome break from the downbeat and celebrates the independent media. Come to a reading and bring your stuff! My first is April 10th with Katrina vanden Heuvel at the 92nd St Y in New York. From there, I head to DC, Seattle, Los Angeles and more.

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