Avi Rubin tells it like it is

AVI RUBIN: ‘After Four Years of Study, I Now Believe that a DRE (touch-screen) with a VVPAT (paper-trail) is Not a Reasonable Voting System’
Johns Hopkins Professor, E-Voting Security Expert Goes on Record Against Electronic Ballots at Congressional Hearings on Election Integrity…
E-Voting expert, Johns Hopkins computer science and security professor, Avi Rubin, once again stated for the record, this time in his testimony before a House subcommittee hearing on “Ensuring the Integrity of Elections”, that Direct Recording Electronic (DRE, usually touch-screen) voting systems — with or without a paper trail — are “not reasonable” for use in a democracy.
His exact words: “[A]fter four years of studying the issue, I now believe that a DRE with a VVPAT is not a reasonable voting system. “
So between Rubin’s beliefs, and those of most every other computer scientist I’ve heard from, why do we (meaning Congress and their public-advocacy group supporters such as PFAW, Common Cause, MoveOn, VoteTrustUSA and others) continue to play this DRE game???…

Fitzgerald Invited, Plame Confirmed for Testimony at Congressional Hearings
Role of Cheney and Bush in CIA Leak Scandal to be Probed in Hearings…
Impeachment, it seems to us, gets closer to “the table” every day now….

20 Voters File Complaint Alleging Touch-Screen Vote-Flipping in Montgomery County, OH
County’s Election Director, Steve Harsman, Wholly Clueless…

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